Japan Day 12 : Mount Fuji, Here I Come - Part 2

This is the continuation of my previous post

After we spent so much time in sliding down the hill, we finally realized we didn't get so much time left. So, me, G-san and Hanum tour around the park to take pictures. I can't describe the feeling, but its good. Now, let me take you around the park (virtually).

Me and the Ultraman (everybody know Ultraman, right?). Me attempted to mimic the Ultraman pose but failed. I think its the cap and the sweater cape. Its so damn cold before I took this picture. That's why I put on everything. ;)

The Ultraman

Truthfully, I didn't go to this site. I've taken this picture from my friend's.

The cloudy day at Mount Fuji. Most of the time, it is cloudy but I think God really want to see the beauty of His creation, so once in a while, all the cloud will gone from the mountain view.

Me and G-san. The figurine at the park are really cute.

Me with the figurine.

Me in front of the gate into Gurimpa Park.

The view of the park. The 'main' street.

The view of the park. The 'sliding' hill.

Mount Fuji..Again!

Me and the map. That map shows the whole area of Gurinpa Park. At the back is two beautiful houses. Sadly, I didn't entered into the houses.

Me in front of the windmill. Why I put so many of my pictures here? Because someone said I didn't put my pictures here.

The main street at the park.

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!

The ice skating field at the park.

We left Gurinpa Park near lunch hour. Most of us are really tired but happy. Happy because we spent a worth time here in the park. Before we went to Gutemba shopping mall, we look back at Mount Fuji and said goodbye.

Sayonara, Fuji-san! Hopefully we meet again later.

Will continue to next part. Stay tuned!

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