Sneak Review : Peggle

Peggle Deluxe is among the newest game release from Popcap Games. You've will be given 10 balls (the ball is like Pinball's ball) and then shoot to clear the orange peg. It is a simple game but it will make sure you stick in front of your PC to play this game. I've downloaded this game several weeks ago. After hours spent to play this game, finally today I've received this :

Yay! I've been promoted to the Peggle Master after playing 55 maze in adventure modes. Yeah, you read it right. 55 mazes and the 10 - 15 final mazes are the hardest. Anyway, kindly go to Popcap Games website to download the game. And enjoy the game.


Aan said...

Mcm mana nak gerak kan kawah (save the balls) tu? Or mmg default dia gerak sendiri?

- rzmie - said...

aan, kawah tuh memang gerak sendirik. so, kena pandai timing. klu pandai timing dan ada skill leh dapat point-point nih :-

5000 points - Lucky Skills
25000 points - Lucky Bounce
25000 points - Kalau bola tuh kena bucket, melantun balik pastu kena peg oren yang last. :)