The extended leave

I'm taking a leave from today until 10/7/2007. The extended leave is to wait for my wife after the baby is born. The due date is 1 July 2007 although some say the date (for delivery) can be extended or shorten depended on the baby and maybe the mother itself. Nevermind about that. At least I can meet my wife. Already miss her a lot. This week I think is the third week I didn't see my wife. So, I need to go back and see her.

Last night, I drive around Penang (at 12++ a.m) for fun. Usually, when I'm driving at night, my wife will be at my side. The road is peaceful yesterday. No 'mat rempit' clogged the road with their dangerous stunt. Only sometimes I see some car speed at those road (around 100 or 120 kmph). Its stupid really since road in Penang is not that good. Lots of potholes and the repair work make the road more bumpy and dangerous. Try cruise at Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah around 80kmph. Your trip will be bumpy and it is more dangerous with those stupid bus stop at the road side without giving signal and those clueless driver that can't decided whether they want to go to Bayan Lepas using flyover or using the normal road. Shesh.

Anyway, because of my extended leave, I will not be able to update this blog for you guys. Gomenasai. I hope you will come back on 11/7. I will put my baby pictures in here. I promise. ;)

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