Majlis Bercukur for Danial

Majlis Bercukur when loosely translated into English is a "Head Shaving Ceremony". Hehehe.

I brought Danial back to Pekan to meet with his another grandparents and great-grandfather on Friday. My grandfather was happy to meet his great-grandson. When we arrived at his home around 11.30 a.m, he doing something at the kitchen. He asked us to stay for a while. So, that is the first time Danial took a bath at his great-grandfather home. He also met with his Tok Da (my aunt) and his aunties (my 'adik sedara') there. My aunt gave him a set of green shirt and pants and also a pair of booties and 'sarung tangan' and a matching cap (if you can say it as a cap).

I went to my parent's house around 2 p.m. Because my other aunt live just beside my parents home, I called her children to come over and see Danial. My aunt youngest son already like Danial when they first met. Maybe because he does not has any younger brother.

The ceremony took place on Saturday. Only relatives and some close friends to the family come during the ceremony. We also invited a team to read 'Maulid Nabi' before the starting of the ceremony. Usually, we hold the ceremony at night but because on Sunday me and my sister will need to go back to our respective places, so, my mum decided to hold the ceremony on morning. The maulid is started at 11.00 and dragged until 12.30. By that time, Danial already dress a nice clothes bought by Tok Da. My mum and aunts asked me to bring Danial to the living room. So, the maulid team, my dad, mum, grandpa and wife cut Danial hair. Daddy can't cut his hair because me is busy carried Danial around. Daddy didn't get his chance until night.

Anyway, enjoy the pics. It is one of the ceremony observed by my family from generation to generation.

Danial in his new basket

Kumpulan Maulid

Danial waiting in his nice dress

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Satu lagi pasal surat aku tu. Ada lagi ke?
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