Random Musing

Can't sleep right now although tomorrow I will drive to Sungai Buloh to see my wife. Its not that I'm not tired. I'm too tired right now but I can't seems to sleep. Actually, yesterday until next Tuesday, I'm on leave but I still come to the office to settle a few simple work at the office. Beside, I came earlier than usual because I want to withdraw my salary and pay all the bills. And also I promised one of my friend, I will take the pictures of his merchandise to put on his website. I took several pictures of it and I hope he liked it.

Tease one of my colleagues today. Actually not only me teased her but others also tease her. Everyone seems want to tease her. Maybe because of her attitude 'yang bersopan santun' made people want to know her. She wear some pretty dress today although most of the dress she wear are pretty. From what I saw, I think she got a lot of admirer. Good for her though.

I miss my wife and son a lot. 2 weeks pass by without me seeing them. That's why I will be back tomorrow morning to see them. And on Friday, I will bring them back to my parents home. On Saturday, my parents organized some 'kenduri selamat' for their first grandchildren. On Sunday will be back to Sg Buloh because the nurse at the clinic wanted to check Danial and my wife for the last time before the case is transfer to Penang.

I went to buy a dinner for me at one of the stall near my home. At the stall, the TV show the live telecast of Asia Cup Match. I don't mind people watching football. I also like it sometimes but I still don't understand why we need to shout "Gol!" or "Ha, ha..sikit lagi..sikit lagi..Bodoh la striker!" or any phrase at all. Can't you keep it to yourself? Pekak telinga aku tadi dengar diaorg teriak. Dah lah ramai lak tuh. Aduih.

The last book of Harry Potter's series finally released on last Saturday. But what I don't understand is, why the other 3 book vendors decided to pull the book from the shelves. It is not proper you know. Just because Tesco and Carrefour decided to sell much lower price than you, you can't perform that act. The retail price for the last book here in Malaysia is RM 109.90. That's 2 days worth of my salary. I still can accept if the book price is around 24 - 39.90 but can't accept the book price more than hundred ringgit. Its just a fantasy story and for entertainment. Why people want to fork that such large amount to buy that book. Even Robert Jordan's book is much cheaper (during release) than Harry Potter. It seems the writer, publisher, distributor and vendors make many profits from the book. Its not good la. Consider developing nations like ours. And that's why piracy is so rampant in developing world especially in Asia (not including Singapore). Just imagine, my salary is just RM 2174.00. After adding a few hundred and minus another several hundred, the total income is RM 2000. Still I didn't deduct rental, car loan and bill payment from the sum. For 109.90 I can buy 3 of other fantasy book that much better than Harry Potter.

I still want to go back to Japan. Although I've been there only for 7 weeks and I already come home for 5 months but I can't forget all the memories there. Sometimes, during 'bored period' I browsed through the pictures and remind myself of all the memories. Betapa terasanya aku nak pegi Jepun balik. I still learn Nihongo though I don't know where I will apply my lesson. Oh well, I has lots of anime that I still not watch. Maybe I can apply it there. Still contact several of friends from ITAC like Ko Ko, Emma, G-san, Vincent and Rowen.

I hope after I wrote this entry, I can sleep. Tomorrow need to drive. Wish me a save journey back home.

Anyway, tonite post just a random writing from me. I don't has any specific thing to say actually.

Oyasuminasai minna-san. Sweet dreams.

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