Lazy to write

Nowadays I feel lazy to write in this blog. Although I think about too many things but unluckily I always think when I'm far away from a computer. Since the start of fasting month, I always come early to the office. 6.30 - 7.30 a.m, I already at the office. Like today, I came at 6.15 a.m with the hope I can pray with other 'jemaah' at Masjid Al-Malik Khalid. Unfortunately, I can't. When I arrived, they already at the end of second rakaat. Oh well, maybe tomorrow. And since the first day of Ramadan, my wife and I didn't miss any sahur yet. Maybe it is because of Danial. ;)

Usin has a new hobby. Capturing bird's photos. He has a lot of nice photos of birds (and cats and the 'Transformers' of his) in his blog.

My work still evolve around the cluster and smartcard projects. Although, sometimes I feel want to move to other projects but I managed to motivate myself to continue. I keep saying, if I want to go to other projects, I need to train other officer to take this project.

The cluster already work now. The only part that I still failed is to integrate my certificate into Globus. I read and read and try and try again and again but failed. Maybe I miss some step. The OGCE portal still stubbornly don't want to use MY Apache Tomcat setup. It still want IT Apache Tomcat setting although I copy and paste the configuration file into my setting. I copied everything from library to .jsp files. Its seems that the portal has a master configuration file that lurking behind the scenes. And somehow I heard the file keep laughing at me each time I try to twist the portal to accept my tomcat. Oh well. If I found that file, I will torture it and let it spit out every secret it keep from me.

Danial is growing. He already smiles and talks a lot now. And when he talks and nobody is around to talk back to him, he will call us. Ahaks. He will be a smart kid when he grow up later. He can already hold thing in his hand. Not only our fingers but also his toys. He also touch a lot if he saw something or someone near him. He like to watch cartoon on TV especially Spongebob. Maybe because the characters in the show are in bright color.

Hari Raya songs already been played at shopping complex. Sometimes, I feel its so stupid to play the songs earlier. This is only second weeks of Ramadan and when they play the song, its look like Hari Raya is tomorrow. Haiya, at least wait la until 7 days before Hari Raya. Its still early now.

One of my friend from ITAC courses got invitation to attend Bridge SE programme at Osaka. Lucky him.

I also struggled learning Nihongo. Trying to recognize Katakana, Hiragana and kanji writing. Hehehe..Maybe if I live in Japan, I can speed up the process. :)

What else? I think that's all about me that I can write. Most of the things are about work and since all work related is classified information, I can't talk much else I will write about the information. Hehehe..

So, that's all folks. Ja, matta ne!

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