About campus election

I'm trying so hard to keep myself from writing this piece of post but today is the limit. After reading so many things from the papers, I feel sicken with the current campus election.

To students who participate in the election. Why label yourself as pro-aspiration or pro-mahasiswa or pro-establishment? You suppose to contest because you want to alleviate student's problems to campus authority. And why the heck you allow outsiders to come and help you? And why are you fighting among yourself? Tore down other people posters and keep sending threat making the campus election as sick as national election. You are the generation that will steer Malaysia's future. If it this the way you behave, I really worry about it.

And for those papers that keep reporting about student elections, stop it. You are among the people who keep 'putting wood into the fire'. Campus election is not a national election. Any student who get chosen to represent the student will not get any real power from the authority. They cannot hoard money as some people in power do. And nobody will bribe them.

What I think about this campus election? I think national political parties cannot be allowed inside the campus. Be it from current party who hold the government or opposition parties.

Enuff said. If I write too long, I will 'broken too many heart'.

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