My contact & tinkering with blog

Apologies to all. I has not contacted most of you for months. I'm still alive if you keep wondering where the heck I've been. If you see at your right hand side, I've put back my e-mail there. I always want to put that e-mail in this blog but I keep forgetting. Sorry for the delay though.

I still using my old number but I'm still not changing my old phone that already been used since 3 years ago. So, sometimes your call can get through but sometimes it can't. And lately I got a lot of call and sms from unknown number. Maybe the vendor or maybe you guys that been trying to reach me.

If you noticed, some of my tutorials are not fit in this blog design. I'm currently tinkering the design in my unpublished and test blog. God willing, if I has time, I will change this design by the end of year.

My story at Japan still not concluded. I'm still writing albeit at much slower pace. Lots of work currently. But anyway, I will still write it and also I has lots of photos still unpublished in this blog (and at my other webs).

Anyway, just contact me. I'm still alive and will respond to your e-mail and message(s).

Oyasuminasai minna-san.

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