Danial @ Swiss-Inn Hotel

On 30th November until 2 December 2007, my family and I stay at Swiss-Inn Hotel Sungai Petani. I've got some work to attend at the hotel and I grab this opportunity to bring my wife and son along.

Because of the function, I've need to pay only RM140 per night. Because of the unavailability of normal room, they upgraded my room to junior suite (without any extra cost - thank you Swiss Inn). The room is the best room that I get. Before this, the best room is at Legend Hotel. The suite consists of 1 king size bed, 2 sofa, 1 'meja solek', 1 study table, 1 coffee table, bath tub with jacuzzi, and other accessories.

This is the first time Danial went to Sungai Petani and stay at hotel. Why I decided to bring Danial is to make sure he can adapt to any environment later.

Because some of the people stayed at the hotel know me, so during breakfast Danial got the usual attention given to him (anywhere we go). Even the waitress there carry Danial for a while around the restaurant (under my watchful eyes of course). So, these are a few of pictures that we managed to capture before the battery went kaput.

Danial really like staying at the hotel. He sleep quite a lot in the room. Maybe because the bed is bigger and also the availability of air-conditioner.

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