What I'm doing nowadays?

I'm not in the mood of writing blog this day. Always got a lot of nice ideas but when I logging into blogger, I can't write anything. Stuck most likely.

My laptop still got that Vundo trojan. Damn to the creator of Vundo. Damn to the people who spread it intentionally. Damn to the Microsoft who didn't fix known bugs in IE. Why I can't clean it? Because the trojan hooks to a critical process that can't be terminated and also load during safe mode.

My works keep piling now. There are about 200 data that need to be updated. 1 letter to write. 1 meeting report need to type. 2 meetings that need to be arranged. And not to mention lines of code that need to be debug and 2 web based system that currently on development. It seems everyday there will be a new request from user about something new. Adoi!

Danial is growing nicely. Did I mentioned that he already know how to laugh? And when my wife and I pick him from his pengasuh home, he will smile whenever he see us. Clever boy. Although I had to admit that sometimes he don't want to sleep at night.

Lack of sleep nowadays. Sleep at 11 but almost everyday Danial wake up at 2,3 or 4 a.m waiting somebody to play with him. Kalau kadang-kadang geram memang buat tak layan je. Then he will go back to sleep after 1 or 1 1/2 hour talking to himself.

I will spend this coming holiday (Hari Raya and Christmas) at my MIL and mum house. Already take the leave from 22 until 26/12. Most of my equipments will arrived before and after that.

Oh, do I also mentioned I'm a proud owner of c7000 HP Blade System? You should see it here. It working nicely although I think I need to buy replacement for fans in not too distance future.

What else? Oh, I'm always cursing nowadays. Blame it on people who park at our office carpark. The security office already printed a different sticker for us who work there. Suppose they put one guard there to allow only car with that sticker to park there or people who has business there. But now every fucking people who don't found any parking space at other place come to our place to park. The lack of parking space make me mad and also increasing my carbon emission since I go around the place to find a parking space.

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