The last day of 2007

Seconds ticked away to minutes, minutes turn to hour, hours passed more slowly before becomes day, and day by day has passed until it already at the end of year 2007.

Globally and nationally, so many events happened during 2007 that it will be put into the history chapter of the planet Earth. The war of terror keep going on with one by one US allies withdrawing their soldiers from Afghanistan and Iraq. Soldiers keep dying in worthless battle to control energy sources. Bersih movement that with the threat from police, and ministry amazingly can gather enough people to participate in the peaceful march. Hindraf ultimatum that sicken me although I can understand why Hindu Indian have to resort to do the protest. The death of Benazir Bhutto that shock the world. The protest by Myanmar's monks and citizens towards the junta's government. And lots of other events that I think will be covered by all media around the world.

2007 is among the best year for me. I went to Japan in the earlier days of 2007 for ITAC courses. Meet a lot of nice people there. And also the trip there is unforgettable. Lots of thing occured during the courses that much of it I didn't write (or didn't has time to write) in this blog.

When I return from Japan, my boss asked me to represent him to PRAGMA's meeting in Bangkok. Of course I agreed because I've never been to PRAGMA's meeting. Meet A and Walisa there although we just manage to have a dinner together. A and Walisa, when you come to Malaysia, contact me. I will try to meet you.

Return from Thailand, there is a crisis happened that need to be settled. Give my best to settle the problem (but cost me a week time).

Work in 2007 keep piling although I think I'm happy with it because I passed PTK 1 with Level 3. QUite good for someone who just take PTK exam.

I've been trusted with more responsibility in my projects. Made a lot of purchase and help lots of my colleagues and friends during the year. From hard disk to servers to rack, I've bought it all.

Although I got more work and responsibility, I'm really happy with it. I've got 2 helpers that can do work well. The help me a lot in inventory management and every tiny things in our projects. We always got informal meetings (we never had any formal meetings this year), after I take over the project. Incidentally, I manage two projects this year with my 2 friends and colleagues become my assistant.

My private life is blessed with the birth of Danial on 30th June at Hospital Sungai Buloh. I can't contain the excitement in me when I saw Danial for the first time. He open his eyes for a moment and then he went back to sleep. Danial's arrival into this world also bring happiness to both my parents and in laws. Although they didn't said it a loud, but from the way they care for my son, I know they really happy.

I meet and know a lot of people this year. Most of it in IT. But I meet a bunch of nice people from the game I play on the Internet. I play three games this year. Star Wars Combine, Imperial Online, and Tribal Wars. I also built my city online this year.

This year also bring sadness in my life. 2 people that I loved is passed away this year. My grandfather from my father's side and my aunt from my mother's side is passed away. Although I already accepted the fact for some years already (my grandfather's had heart problem while my aunt had a stomach's cancer), but it still sadden me when they passed away.

The floods that occurred at the end of this year worried me a lot. The flood water came into both my grandfather and my dad's home. But luckily no one (that I know) hurt. Because of the flood I had to cancel the plan to celebrate Eid at my parents home.

Anyway, the year is almost over. I will miss this year like I miss the years past.

Goodbye 2007 and welcome 2008.

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