Happy New Year (2008)

Happy New Year 2008 to my blog's reader (I know I has one reader). :P

I am not making any resolutions for this year (or for any other year). I only hope my job will progress towards much better phase. I also hope with the implementation of CPD (continuous professional development) at my work's place will make it easier for me to go to the next salary level.

I also hope this year will bring fortune and happiness in my life.

So, happy new year 2008 to family, friends and blog's readers. Hopefully 2008 will make us more mature and understanding. And hopefully democracy will flourished in Malaysia and ASEAN in general.


hussein said...

So CPD is like experience points (XP) in an RPG? Collect enough and you level-up!

Happy new year, from your only blog reader.

- rzmie - said...

Yeah, its like that. The difference is, in RPG the XP is used to learn new skills but in CPD the XP is used for getting salary increase.

Happy New Year, Hussein. ;)

zue said...

senpai.. i still read ur blog - occasionally... =P