HP Integrity Server

After several attempts of loading storage drivers from the HP website failed, I looked somewhere else. I noticed when I configure the SAS controller, I can see the controller's name - LSI Logic SAS 1068 Controller. I wonder whether I can download it from its main company website.

With the help of Uncle Google, I manage to find the driver. Now for the try and error. I load the driver into USB pendrive (you know that you can use your USB as 'floppy'). It only manage to load during the formatting process but fail when the real 'action' begins. It need floppy drive. What the heck? No floppy drive is come with the server. So, what can I do. Search the web of course but to no avail. Although, there are lots of solutions out there but I can't used it. Then I search for floppy drive. Of course I found it.

But the thing is I stupidly asked Windows to install by itself by using unattended file that come with the OS. Stupid me. And its failed to finalize the installation. I spend useless 5 hours to troubleshoot the error. I read from HP website that said the SAS controller is not supported by Windows 2003. What it is mean from the website is that, the driver that is provided by LSI Logic is not signed (and approved) by Microsoft. After using manual installation (which mean I need to wait in front of the servers to put the configuration), its works.

Anyway, thanks to this task, I manage to gain another experience in installing server. Thank you very much. :)

p/s: Happy New Year (Gong Xi Fa Cai) to everyone who celebrate Lunar New Year. I will go back to my in laws and parents home this coming holiday. Take care everyone. Drive safely.

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