Very tired today since I woke up all night to finish up previous meeting report. Then I proceed to draft a presentation with somebody higher up in the federal government. If the project approved by them, I will not accept any other part-time job for a very long time. That's it if they accept my project.

I'm waiting for my servers to arrive. Tentatively, the servers will arrive on 12th April but considering that previous backlogged and some miscommunication between my vendor and distributor, I expected the date will be pushed much further. After all, based on what my vendor said, my organization is the only one in Penang that used this kind of servers. I'm really speechless (on the other hand, tetiba terfikir "mantap gak aku nih tau nak install server jenis nih").

I really glad that my co-workers can clear most of my unit backlogged. Since last month, we are receiving lot of requests from users regarding various system and hardware that are under our jurisdiction. Most of it we put on hold during ICT week. I think most of the backlogged will be cleared somewhere next week considering most of the backlogged are caused by a bug in my software. I think I've pinpointed that bug but experience told me that sometimes one error can be caused by several bugs in the system.

I'm thinking about developing a system that can do most of data update autonomously. I understand the concept but to put it into coding is much harder and also my time to build a program is much limited. Thats why sometimes during office hour, I go to the lab to concentrate on my job. And that is the reason why people can't reach me sometimes.

I'm also think to register another line for my personal usage. Current number are already clogged with personal and official use. And usually I get a call when I'm on leave. I don't mind if it came from my department but...And some of the user/client can't understand that you take the holiday because you want to spend some time with your family. Isk..Isk..

Anyway, I think I better sleep now. I need to do various task at 3 or 4 p.m. Hopefully..

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