Today finished off another batch of work. The eprints configuration and administration, the pra-tender preparation for buying another batch of machines (my machines mind you..ahaks) and some administrative works that I hate the most. Anyway, the organization pays my salary and I need to give out all the best so...

I'm not sure why I still afraid to touch that code. Its not that I don't understand that code. It just whenever I'm near the code, I feel I can't think..hahaha..nice right? How can I be a better programmer if I don't do coding.

So, I rest at 5.00 (only 10 minutes before the office hour end) by browsing news at The Star, BBC, ABC and other news website when suddenly I saw "CAP:Hypermart's discounted tainted food a health risk" at The Star. Let see what The Star write :

"CAP president S.M.Mohamed Idris told a press conference on Wednesday that a hypermarket here was offering such items at a discounted rate of 50% or more to its customers.

He said the hypermarket placed these items on a separate shelf.

"We found mostly food items such as infant milk, fruits and drinks in dented containers,'' he said, adding that one damaged tin of infant milk originally priced at more than RM70 was being sold for RM32.

Mohamed Idris said that the shelf life of some of the items had also expired, while packets of assorted biscuits and flour were badly torn but resealed with cellophane tape."

Damn! I never encounter that when shopping at Tesco but I discover that Tesco (or its workers) still put dented cans and tins on the shelf. But I never take it even when the expired date still far away. Its dangerous if you buy food contains in the dented cans and tins. The internal structure of the cans is not as strong as you might think. I also discover that Tesco still put expired eggs on the shelf (maybe eggs expired date is much shorter than other items).

Why this happening? Maybe because of lots of competitor nowadays that they need to decrease the price but still obtain profits. Just a maybe.

Anyway, I agree with this CAP statement :
"He urged the Health Ministry to take immediate and firm action against retailers and traders who sold food in containers or packaging that had been damaged."

I really want to know which hypermarket that CAP talks about. Beside Tesco Jelutong, it also happened at Sunshine Square (dented cans and tins). I never shop at Giants Bayan Baru, Carrefour Seberang Perai, Sunshine Farlim and any other hypermarkets in Penang. Oh, at Jusco Queensbay, I still not encounter any dented cans and tins. Maybe I'm not purchasing much from Jusco as I do at Tesco and Sunshine.

Back to my life. I really want to repair those bugs in my programs. Wish me luck tomorrow.

On the other note, I think Pak Lah will defend his president post for UMNO with new running mate (which I think Mohammad Mohd Taib or Shahrir Samad - who knows, they got most of air time on news now) and Najib will challenge Pak Lah as UMNO President with Muhyiddin Yassin as his running mate. There are new allegations arises now which are include Muhyiddin and some big shots in UMNO. Hehehe..that unrelated notes. Its interest me on who will become the UMNO President. I has my prefer candidate but I will reveal if he win. :)

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