The good news, not!

I thought several weeks ago, I can announce a good news. But no. I didn't get it. :(

Actually I want to further my study in Degree of Computer Sciences. So, I plan to do it next year. I apply for a two-year leave from my organization. My boss approved it but the HR didn't. The reason is I didn't get the satisfactory marks for 3 years in the row. Yeah, yeah. So, basically I will not become a student next year. And basically I will be around to manage all those projects that I currently do.

But then, I have two more probably good news for you guys. Maybe later. I will know more about it on July.

Did I tell you I've lost most of my friends phone number. So, az just in case you wonder why I didn't contact you for months already, I lost your phone number. Sorry. :D

Side note : I'm thinking to do some basic gathering for ex-cs USM for batch 1999-2002. Anyone want to organize or jointly organize?

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lw_rar said...

ko nak buat gath 1999-2002 ke? aku nak join gak?