I wonder

Each time when I take a leave from work, my phone will ring at least once. The screen will indicate the call is from office. It always like that even when I brought my wife/son to clinics or hospital. And when I said I'm on leave, not many people say "Sorry, I disturb your holiday" or "Cuti ke?" or something like that. What I get is "Why don't you pick up your phone?" or something along the line. Even my boss is much more polite than some of my clients.

I just wonder, what will happen when I take that 2 years leave?

Boss, if you read this, I hope you approved my request for that 2 years leave from work. Hopefully it a full paid leave. ;)

Friends, if you are wondering where will I go for that 2 years, don't worry, I will still be here. Paling jauh pun pegi US je kot. Itu pun kalau ada org sudi. :P

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