2 kali gaji

Pergh, dalam sebulan dapat gaji 2 kali tapi bukan 2 x gaji_asal tapi gaji_asal / 2. Perlukah aku berasa gembira? Nope.

First of all, I used to pay rent, loans, baby sitter, credit cards due and etc in lump sum every time I get a salary. Although it hurt me whenever I pay all those dues, at least I know that the 500++ balance can be used for our personal expenditure like petrol, foods, Danial's needs and etc. But now I need to pay half everytime I get a salary starting this August or I can do it by :

1. Withdrawing all my salary at the end of each month (starting July).
2. Put my ATM card somewhere safe and I will forget about it till the end of next month.
3. Just try to cope by using that money until the end of next month.
4. Repeat step 1 - 3 (again and again and again and again) or (until the government decide otherwise).

Aduih, pening dah.

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