PM naik public transport

Tetiba respect aku kat Pak Lah. Sebab dia cuba naik public transport ari nih. Although he been accompanied by press and bodyguards but still he see by himself the woes faced by people who commute everyday using public transportation. Sebab tuh aku tak suka sangat dok kat KL kalau ada seminar. Kalau ada seminar aku memang mintak hotel yang paling dekat dgn tempat seminar because I'm don't want to fight my way into the LRT.

Maybe we should follow Singapore or Japan where the public transportation especially MRT and LRT are so damn efficient (although many people use it). I'm not sure about Singapore but at Japan there are around 6-7 coaches during peak hour @ at busy places. For example, train bound to Tokyo and its surrounding vacinity like Akihabara, Shinjuku has many coaches to accomodate many people but the coaches still full (and that is during Sunday mind you). For train bound around the place that I stay (the Kanagawa seaside line) the coaches much more shorter than the train at other line. People using the seaside line much less than other line. Usually when we use the train during weekends, the train usually empty (kiranya leh la dapat seat).

Oh, another plus point that should be considered is by employing station guard at every station. During peak/busy period the guard will ask people to queue and also help elders, pregnant women and women with baby to board the train. The guard will also guide users on which line to stand before the train is arrived. Its efficient although sometimes foreigner there also push to get into the train.

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