What's made my day?

1. The smile that I get from Danial and Irfan each day. No matter what happen, each time I see they smile, it will brighten my day.

2. To read a manuscript (for the latest novel) that I've got from Ahmad Patria Abdullah. The novel remind me the time when I'm still young. I can't go back to that time but the memories remain.

3. When I do tasks that nobody wanted and it success. I don't bother if people didn't care with what I do but I care when people don't acknowledge it succeed because of me.

4. When I finish some task ahead of schedule.


hussein said...

1. I get a meow and friendly rub from Schroeder and Sally every day. I guess it's like the same?

2. All my favourite sci-fi authors are dead. :( Ok not Neil Stephenson, yet. I need to find some new ones.

3. Yay, same here.

4. Finish...ahead of schedule? What? What's that?

- rzmie - said...

number 4 usin is like this :
i. boss "please submit this job tomorrow morning"
ii. coding..coding..coding..
iii. yay! finish. look at the clock "its not tomorrow".

*lega siap awal* hehehe..

dilla said...

usin: ko tak tau no 4 tu apa? aiya..

mie: last year, i manage to do that... after having 2 kids, i always do things behind schedule.. ahahah.. this year, hopefully i can change it..

Anonymous said...

naper dah tak update blog?