Danial update

26/3 : Danial batuk lagi walaupun ubat dah berlambak-lambak makan. Malam tadi dok batuk je. Kerap pulak tu. Decide kena bawak jumpa Dr kat Pantai tu balik. Dr bagi option, nak tahan kat wad atau datang 3 kali hari ni buat nebulizer untuk Danial. Opted for 3 times nebulizer procedure for Danial. He kept crying during the procedure.

27/3 : Meet the Dr again. He said he still heard the sound of tiredness from Danial. Advised to do more nebulizer procedure. Need to come twice daily for today and tomorrow. Today we do the procedure at 10 a.m and 10 p.m. At 9.45 p.m I asked Danial whether he wanted to follow me. Beriya-iya nak ikut. We went to Pantai again to do the procedure. He being a good kid and didn't cried throughout the process.

28/3 : Went again to Pantai at 9 a.m and 9 p.m to do the procedure. Danial had improved a lot. At least he eat more now. And he play around more. But the medicine made him tired and he slept quite a lot. After we went back from Pantai he slept at around 12 until 3 p.m. And that night he slept around 10 p.m until 8 a.m the following morning.

29/3 : Irfan had been sick. He coughed and cried and his body temperature had risen. Luckily we had some cough and fever medicine in our house. We (mostly my wife) didn't get enough sleep.

30/3 : We brought Irfan to clinic around 6 p.m. Being given some cough and flu medicine. Then I brought Danial to Pantai (he had another appointment with the Dr). The Dr said Danial has improved. But he prescribed Danial with extra Ventolin (Salbutamol Sulfate) and asked me to finish all the medicine that he had give to Danial. We need to go for additional nebulizer procedure on Tuesday and Wednesday. Danial sleep well tonight. Hopefully tomorrow morning he will be better.

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