My childhood experience 1 - I hack my thumb

My childhood experience is nothing to shout about. Most of the time, I play alone or reading books/comics, babysitting my sisters or cousins, or most probably daydreaming.

It is one of that day, where it is started with me sitting at my uncle's garden reading some comics. I'm not sure those that read my blog remember the small comics that the manufacturer attached with their product. Usually candy or chocolates. Most of the time the comics were about Conan. Most of the time it was about fighting. I don't know why I enjoy reading that comics. Maybe at those time, books are quite rare (for me).

Then, I felt quite bored. Its nearly 6 I think. No many people at the house at that time. Only my aunt I think. My mom and dad, they went to Kuantan to buy something. I'm not sure where my grandmother and grandfather went. And as usual my other aunts and uncles they went with their friends somewhere. One of them playing football at the nearby football field (now it is become a 'Pasar Ramadhan' and 'Pekan Sehari' site).

I look for something to play. I saw a parang left by my uncle at the garden. I look for something to cut with the parang. I'm not sure what I found, but I happily cut the thing. I even amazed at how sharp the parang was. I cut, cut, cut then I accidentally cut my thumbnail. Into half. Blood was flowing but I'm cool with it. I never felt any pain (remember, the parang was sharp). I looked at my thumb especially the nail. At that time, I only thanked that I managed to keep the nail from falling.

I walked to the nearby pipe and washed the cut. I watched the blood flow with the water (that's why I at first disagree when my teacher said blood can't 'larut' in the water. I saw my blood 'larut dalam air'). After I managed to stop the blood from flowing, I went up into the house using the kitchen's door. I show the cut to my aunt. She take some gamat's oil and bandage. First thing she said, don't show to my mom and grandfather.

Yeah, I hide it but it was over during dinner. I eat with my grandfather. The secret was over when I wanted to take some 'lauk' to eat with the rice. My grandfather saw the bandage and after he eaten he opened it. He saw the cut and I've been given a series of lectures that night.

After that day, I still use parang and knife quite often but I used it carefully to make sure I didn't accidentally cut my thumbnail again. Oh, the nail finally decided to leave me 2-3 days later. The whole upper half of my thumbnail was gone. I proudly showed it to my friends afterward. :)

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