Zambry = Gandhi @ Nelson Mandela?

Aduih..Penin dah dgn kes kat Perak nih. There is an easy way out of this mess actually. Dissolve the Perak DUN. Simple but will cost a lot. But what I don't understand is, why it is too expensive to hold election in only one state? Perak bukannya hulu sangat. At least kebanyakan penduduknya dihubungi dengan jalan darat yang bertar or at least ada la nampak jalannya tak macam Sabah & Sarawak yang terpaksa gunakan helikopter.

Erm, nak tergelak Zambry samakan diri dia sebagai Gandhi dan Nelson Mandela. Dude, come on. Gandhi and Mandela fight for years to free their people from unfair/oppressive/ttyranny government. While you dude, fight to defend your 'post' as Menteri Besar. You already an 'MB' while Gandhi and Mandela not even in the government, dude. Gandhi and Nelson Mandela have been in prisons for many years while I bet that you never even see the prison bar. So, dude (you will never read this entry), don't compare yourself to those fighters. They fight for freedom of their people while you fight for yourself.

I've been thinking. The MB's perks must be best right. If not, this politicians will not fight tooth and nail to get it.


zue said...

kalo betul nak fight for the people..tak yah jawatan MB pon boleh buat. contoh. syed mokhtar albukhary.

- rzmie - said...

tul tuh..klu dia betul la ikhlas, dia patut ckp dia bukan MB sebenar..hehehe..