I lost my temper days ago. Nobody knows except Obi and Dilla. Sorry to both of you. Suddenly your IM been bombarded by me expressing things.. :P

Perkara kecik je tapi dok pendam-pendam, tetiba je ari tuh rasa berapi. As usual when I'm in an anger mood, I just be in my room (yes, I've got my own room at the office) staring at the monitor or just reading books or magazines that laying around at my room.

My boss had asked me a question regarding where my work interest lies. There are other questions but that particular question really intrigue me.

The convo didn't bring that long hours jam inside of the campus. Just a little bit. Maybe because the session end after office hours or many staff took a leave during the convo. But what I know is that, I parked far away from my office's building.

Danial didn't what to eat. He eat but not much. Only 2-3 spoonful. Tak tau la kenapa.

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hussein said...

Hehe it's ok buddy :).