No parking

Yesterday morning, after I've sent my kids to the nursery and wife to her office, I happily drove to the office. Behold, no parking. Half of the parking lots were blocked by "no parking" barrier. And its not even 'konvokesyen' yet. Konvo is on 12 August. If they blocked the parking lots on 12 August, I don't mind. Because of the stupid decision, many staff (and students who 'love' to park at staff parking lot) park haphazardly. Me? I parked far away. At least I can exercise.

The thing that confused me is why the heck they need to build tents at the parking lots. Because when parents and visitors come during the konvo, there will not enough parking space available. Two big parking lots will be used to build tents on them (and that including the 'tapak konvo'). Last year, not many tents being build on the 'tapak konvo'. This year, I'm not sure.

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