Food in Japan

Always when people asked me about how is life at Japan, they will ask one common questions, how you eat at Japan? Being a Muslim (and Jews) a little bit tough at Japan (but not at YKC). At YKC, all the foods are being label whether it is Halal, or not Halal (but doesn't containt pork) or food that contain pork. So, I think it is a little bit save to assume I can eat almost everything being offered there. Until now, I still remember the taste of YKC's food especially ten-don. God, I really miss it (although not particularly the cheese macaroni and the eel rice).

Anyway, here is the pics (I know, I post almost every pics at my fotopages but support me, will you?)

Chicken Fried Rice. The chicken taste really good.

This is almost look like Malaysian Pattaya fried rice. I didn't take this.

I always take this dish when I was at YKC. Its tasted surprisingly good when you put soy sauce and green chili.

I'm not sure what is this. I think this is Htet food.

This is the eel rice I'm talking about. Ten-don is almost the same. The difference between ten-don and eel rice, eel is replaced by tempura while the vegetables is replace by another kind of vegetables.

Beside rice, fries is another 'staple' food at YKC Shokudo. Its make an appearance every day from lunch to dinner. I'm not so sure about breakfast because I rarely got time to breakfast at YKC Shokudo. That's why I can claim lots of chocolates (and ice cream but that's another story).

This dish is similar to curry mee in Malaysia. Didn't eat this so, don't know how its taste. Anyway, look at those fries, you see what I said about it is being like a staple food at YKC. :D

I also not sure what this is since it is among the 'rare' food in YKC.

This is the macaroni cheese. Its only appearance around 2 weeks before the course end and during lunch time. Most of us take this as our lunch but most of us can't finish it. It is a big portion for us all. Oh, see the ball-type dish there? That is the famous dish that contain squid in it (I forgot its name. Sorry).

This tray is Htet's tray I think. Like me, he can't finished the main dish. :)

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