Do you like MP from Jasin?

I never like him since he condemn the Custom Department. He condemn Custom Department because they blocked his friend business and report to the media. He condemn Custom Department since he didn't get any cars from them. Then a few days ago he made a sexual remark against women in Parliament. The most revered place in Malaysia is been shattered its images by stupid MPs. Macam budak-budak buat hujah. Ngarut betul. That's why some people said that most of the MPs are not educated. Macam orang yang lepas darjah 6 je. I'm not saying people who didn't get higher education is not good. Some people are good but they are not our MPs. That I can assured you. Maybe the Barisan Nasional MPs are just working to accumulate wealth during their 'short' tenure. I hope the wealth they accumulate will hunt them back later. :P

To the head of Barisan Nasional, this MPs need to be dropped during the next general election. They can turned their back on Malaysian laws, how can you guaranteed they will not turned their back against you?

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