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I still miss my friends from ITAC. Not chat with them long enough already. Been busy with work, workshops and exams last and this week. I hope I will pass my exam so, my salary for next year will increase much more than this year. :P

Waiting for my baby to be born into this world. Hehehe..tak sabarnya nak jadik ayah. For those who still don't know, one of our Nihongo teacher is pregnant. Congrats to her.

My grandfather passed away on Saturday morning. From 7 to 9 in the morning I've got 12 missed call from various people in my family. Because I like to wake up late on weekends, I only 'received' the messages at 10.30 a.m. And that's also because I suddenly felt I wanted to search for my handphone. Usually during weekend I don't care about the handphone unless I went out. After I received the messages, I asked my wife to 'bersiap' while I taking a bath. Although I need to hurry, but I didn't drive that fast. I arrived somewhere around 12.30 and saw lots of people in the living room.

My grandfather's body is laying on the bed in the living room. Most of my cousins were reading Yassin for him. There were people outside. My grandmother told me that the bath and 'kapan' will be held at 3.30 p.m. So, I just waited there while my grandmother told the story how my grandfather passed away. It seems it almost as same as my grandmother at Pahang where she passed away peacefully without anyone at her side. While her passed away around Maghrib (sundown prayer), my grandfather passed away around Subuh (morning prayer). I looked at his face during the bath (my aunt force me to 'mandikan' my grandfather since I'm the first male grandchildren of him) and he look peaceful. Its look like he just asleep.

I'm not sure why, but I didn't feel that sad with my grandfather departure unlike my grandmother where I crying for hours and days. Maybe I'm not that close to him. Even when I went back to Pahang, I still feel the emptiness of the home. During the fasting month, I even crying at the kitchen alone because I suddenly called my grandmother. I still feel the emptiness until today.

Last Saturday is the first time I participate in the 'pengkebumian' of my relatives. Yes, I've been to graveyard before but never to 'send away' one of my relatives. I felt a little sad when I saw my sister crying. She always came back to our grandparent house in Kedah. So, I guess she was a lot closer to him than me.

At first, I don't want to write about this. I never write about my grandmother passed away last year. I put it somewhere deep in my heart. And I think I want to do the same for my grandfather but I can't. I think I want to write it here so I can remember both of them in the future.

My grandmother always advise me about things. She always back me up when my mother scolded me. She always depended on me when I came back for holidays. And she always cooked my favourite dishes for me.

My grandfather in Kedah always talk to me when I came back there during my study years. Sometimes I also went back during my working years but not as often. When I went back, he always sit in front of the house after lunch and evening. And he talked about lots of things and asked about many things. He is a PAS supporter. Almost all in the family support PAS. But that didn't make him that close minded.

I love them both. Now I has 1 grandmother in Kedah and 1 grandfather in Pahang. I pray to God so, they can see my children before they depart from this world.

So, you can say, this post is a tribute for both my grandmother and grandfather that passed away last year and last Saturday. Al-Fatihah.

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