Family and work

Maybe its late to put this entry into my blog but its better late than never. My brother is now at one of Matriculation College in the country. He is one of the brightest in the family. He got two offer one is from UM and another one is from Matriculation College. He still waiting an answer from MARA regarding his application to further his studies in Engineering course abroad. He want to take medicine as his first choice and I encourage him to take it. But my father didn't agree cause like all father, he afraid my brother will not de-motivated if no university accept him into the medical school. My father asked me to speak to my brother regarding this matter. Speak I was but I didn't ask my brother to take what he don't like. Maybe one of the reason is that I afraid he will blame me later if he work at something that he don't like.

I'm not sure where the interest in medical come. In our family, we don't have anyone work as a doctor. Even a pharmacist we also don't have. Me work as IT officer while my sister work at a bank. One of my uncle is a Class F contractor while the other one work as admin officer and one work as a teacher. My father work as a technician while my mum is ex personal assistant at one of magistrate court in Malaysia. Maybe he like to be a doctor from somewhere or someone. I hope he didn't put it as his ambition by watching Dr Blackjack's anime that I downloaded for him. Heh..

While my brother is been accepted into the college, my youngest sister luck is not that good compare to her 3 eldest siblings (me and her two sisters). Anyway, she still want to further her education and the next best choice is by taking STPM. So, this week she registered as Form 6 student at one of the school in Pahang. I hope she can make it since no one among her siblings take STPM before. I pray very hard so she can further her studies and be successful in her life. I always hope all my younger siblings be more successful in life better than me.

Talking about furthering studies, only less than 2 months left before new batch undergraduate and graduate students will register at this place. New students meaning busy time. But since my wife is due on July so, I will miss this intake. Work is important but family is also as important as work. This time, my family is taking precedence. So, I hope my boss will allow me to take a very 'long' leave starting middle of June. All the baby's things already bought by both of us. Can't wait for the birth of our first child.

Starting next week, I will once again venture into a Linux world. When I start using Linux its mean I will start my other project. I actually a little bit afraid to start this grid project. Although, been there before, the commitment that you need to put into this project is very big. And from the experience, you must know almost anything. And also the pressure. I can put aside peer pressure because beside sue, no one among my peer will be in this project. Pressure from management is something that I'm not in favor. Like abg Hazman said, "Who the heck is thinking that by pressuring people, the result will be better?". For my case, I assure you I'm not. If you push me hard enough, my self will automaticly shut everyone up. At that time, I will canceling all calls to my handphones, deleting all emails requesting for progress reports or help, didn't login into instant messaging, locking the door into my room (at the office) and every little thing that will shut people from me. I also worried for this project because we lack of human resources. I got 3 projects with only 3 people in it. 3 different projects (and all big projects) with the same team. I know somehow the project need to start but I'm not sure whether it will survive in the long term. Academicians can talk all what they want but most of the dirty jobs will be done by technical people. I reserve my opinion until I dive into the project since I already left the research field for almost 3 years.

Got a nice shock somewhere yesterday or the day before. Some friends from the course at Japan left messages for me. Hehehe..thanks guys but too busy this week to reply. Will do so in weekend.

Oh, I will continue to improve the blog. Someone already remind me to put some photos in here since all text will make the blog dull. Don't worry, I will put some photos. Still lazy to learn about it now. Got a nice surprise for you guys (if I'm not that lazy).

Ja, mata ne! Sayonara for now. ^_^

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