Why God

1. Why God create or allow other religions if the only people that is admitted into His heaven is a Muslim? Will all Jews, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian will be in hell? What's about follower of Nabi Isa a.s (Jesus), Nabi Musa a.s (Moses), Nabi Nuh a.s (Noah) and other prophets?

2. Why God create lots of human races in this world if the religions He give to us are only for selected people? Malay claims Islam as their religion while Jews religion is only belongs to Jews. Once, Christianity is regarded as a white-men religion while Buddhists is belongs to Chinese while Hindu to Indian. At least that is a common thought in Malaysia. Other races that embrace Islam will be called Chinese-Muslim, India-Muslim while Malay who is out from Islam is not a Malay anymore. Why can't we just become a Muslim? And a Malay still a Malay no matter what religions they trust?

3. Why God allowed creation of lots of Islamic interpretation and in turn create two main way in Islam, Syiah and Sunnah?

4. Why God allowed human to damage this earth?

5. Why God allowed human to explore His vastly and unlimited knowledge?

6. Why God allowed human that didn't believe Him still live in His world?

7. Why God allowed bad guy live a long life while the good guy is being taken away?

8. Why God allowed human to think?

Oh, before some Muslims shouted "Heresy!!", "Kafir!!!", "Kill, Kill, Die, Die!" to me, let me said this to you. I write this entry because I keep thinking about this questions. If you look at most Malay Muslim in Malaysia, they think that Islam is rightfully theirs and all other non-Muslims are regarded almost like a bad people. In the community, success is based on how much salary you get every month, how the big car you have, how big the house you buy, and etc. Thinking outside the norm is suppresed. Children who asked questions will be shut up. Parents didn't care with their children. Youth racing after midnight roaming the street with their gangsterism attitude. The politician and other organization spend lots of money in doing something worthless. Creating largest Malaysian flag, biggest cake, longest drawing and etc are becoming norms while there are still schools that does not own any computer or even better classroom like their peers in the city.

I don't need answers to that questions. That questions are just to remind me about myself. Some of you might know why I put this questions in my blog. That's all. Sorry if this entry is differ from your opinion and thinking. Whatever it is, we still human. We come from God and to God we will go back.


hussein said...

Sometimes it's very weird to be a non-Malay Muslim in Malaysia.

People go all sympathetic and go "But you look like one, you can be one right?"

They don't realise I don't _WANT_ to be identified as a Malay. I am not one. I am who I am and I am damn proud of it.

Non-Malay, and proud of it.

hussein said...

Also, do I really look like a Malay? I know I don't sound it.