People in Japan - Part 1

When I went to Japan, I really worried about on how to communicate with Japanese in general. You know, at least I still need to purchase something at shop and need to ask a question about the thing that I want to purchase. Sometimes, I need information about the product and the easiest way is to ask.

When arrived there, suddenly I'm not worried anymore. They are just human like me but using a different language. So, back to basic. I just use a hand signal to aid my talking. :D

Anyway, I actually want to put some pictures of 'normal' people my friends and I took at Japan. :)

This is taken from Khac's camera (thanks Khac) at Akihabara. I think Khac wanted to snap house picture but this man walked in front of the house.

I met this Dell's girl in front of Akihabara station. I didn't took her pic when I first arrived. I only took it when I searching for toilet there. She kindly agreed for me to take her pic but I need to take her brochure (I can't read the brochure anyway).

People crossing the street at Akihabara. I stand in the middle of the street when taking this picture.

This group play at Akihabara in the afternoon. While I was waiting for Hanum and Ghazaly bought something there, I entertain myself watching this group played. Not only me, but lots of people also watch them.

This girl kindly allowed me to take her picture. Maybe not many customers there or maybe she was flattered by my willingness to ask her first before taking her pic, I'm not sure. Anyway, I thanked her profusely after that.

I took this picture from afar, spontaneously. I saw this schoolchildren and their teachers on the way to the Ultraman's statue at Gurimpa park. I thought it is interesting that 5 teachers can control more than 30 kids there. And also the kids are cute. Also I think I can't see it anywhere else after my trip to Japan was over. I took out my camera from its casing, and snap this pic.

This pic was also taken at Gurimpa Park near Mount Fuji. I took lots of Mount Fuji pic but the beauty of nature without people in it is worthless from my opinion. So, I need a natural people behavior. People that didn't know that someone took their picture. I saw this two little girls with their parents walked at the park. I wanted to take the family photo doing whatever family that usually do during a trip but their parents too far from the mountain. Because the girls standing in front of the direction board, and their background is a Mount Fuji, I immediately snap their pic. This pic is among my beautiful pictures in my collections.

I like this boy expression and the man at the background. I totally forgot why I snap this boy pic. His mother was just near him (not in this pic) when I took his picture.

Crossing the junction at Ueno. Look at how many people there. Although when you are walking at Ueno Park, you didn't notice the numbers of people because Ueno Park is a really big park(maybe if you enter a Ueno Zoo or museum or entertainment hall there, you will notice the people.

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