Snippets about my online life

I currently at Tapani sector to retrieve 27th and 101st Squadron. The only problem one of the ship that I need to take back to me is not there. I contact my Commanding Officer to clarify about the current situation. I hope I can get back to my current home sector soon enough to get some rest. Oh, I forget, it will took me days in hyperspace before I get back to that system. So, I can get much more rest than what I hope for.

With the support from my tribe, I successfully expanding to the northwest of the continent. Our arch enemy is only 10 hours away by riding the war horses in my armies. My armies are restless now since my tribe and friends are vanquished their enemy one by one. The training for the new recruits are still on schedule although I encounter some hiccups at a few village. My nobleman are working round the clock to convert those barbarian and my enemy villagers to acknowledge me as their new and true leader. Last night, based on the news, I'm the top 30 important leaders at the continent. Need to encourage my minions to spread my images throughout the continent.

Production at my main planet is halted because lack of resources although I has to admit one of my advisor mistakenly inform me that the resources and energy to produce ships and build more building are enough for the entire week. Building is back on track although production of outpost ship need to be halted for a few days until I get enough resources. I really need the ship faster because I need more planets to collect more resources for my ever expanding armies. Only research team work tirelessly to get new technologies for the benefit of my empire. I need to plan more towards dominating the whole galaxy.

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