Financial system

If you read news, articles about our world financial system you will notice this weird thing :

1. US buy goods from China while China buy US Treasury's securities (bonds and etc). It seems like, US give China money so China can give the money back to US so US can buy China's goods. Weird isn't it?

2. I have 4 saving accounts, 3 trust fund accounts. My salary is in Bank B account. For every RM1 I put into that account, the bank can 'create' and 'loan' RM10 to people and that can include me. They charge interest that usually range from 4%-36% per year while they pay us only less than 1% in interest because they use our 'money'. Lets say I move half the salary to Bank A account, Bank B still retain the amount they loan to other people while Bank A will create another RM10 x RMy from the amount I transfer to them. As you can see, the 'real' money circulated in the market is less than the 'digital' money created by banks. That's why the world economy can grow to billion dollars each year.

3. Gold price is up every day but not very many pay much attention to it. Its better than the trust fund in the long run.

4. Why financial managers, bankers, stock traders are afraid to use gold as global currency?

5. Executives for large companies are begging to be save by the US government while small enterprises are allow to fail. To make matter worse, the executives go to Washington using their company's private jets. At least if you want to beg for money, be a beggar. Cycle or walk to Washington comes to mind.

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