Hussein asked me what birthday present that he can buy for his friend. At first I suggest something exotic hahaha..but then, I suggest him to buy t-shirt or some souvenirs that represent Penang. be proud man of 'our' Penang. hahaha..dah jadik orang penang ke aku nih?

I surf friendster today. Just want to reply to Aidaniza a.k.a Ija question. Since I forgot her e-mail (sorry Ija), I have to send her a message using Friendster's build-in messaging system. So Ija, I've answered your question.

I watched Independence Day on TV2. I never watch the movie before. Maybe because of the bad review the movie got in the past. After I see it, I kinda like it. Yeah, its never tell from where the aliens come from, and etc. Too many questions that need to be answered. But in terms of entertainment yeah, I like it. Its got F18 and Nighthawk in it. And it kinda like a classic film where the leader lead his people to fight. Except in this case, the president ride a F-18. And as usual, Will Smith is cool....I like Will Smith. Heh..

I stop reading news especially business news this past week. More and more bad news keep coming. I don't think the prediction that at the end of the year the economy will recover will come true. Its seems this economy problem will stay with us much longer. And if you read the news, someone predict that the housing price in Malaysia will also decline this year.

I still have that angan-angan Mat Jenin. Too many things to do, too little time that I have.

I hate building websites. Any kind of websites.

Do you know that wireless AP for B and G perform worst when they are near each other?

I'm sleepy.'t...type...any...more...Tooo....sleepy.

Oh, rojak is a type of food where u mix everything and pour gravy on it. I know only rojak buah and rojak ayam. Rojak buah where u mix fruits and pour shrimp sauce on it. While rojak ayam is where you put fried chicken, taugeh, cucumber, and several more things and mix it with peanut sauce. Both are delicious. Hehehehe..

Need to sleep. Oyasuminasai. Mata ashita.

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