One simple question

Why is Rosmah announced about government allocation instead of Malaysia's Minister of Finance or Malaysia's Deputy Minister of Finance or Malaysia's Head Secretary Minister of Finance?

Taken from Malaysian Insider, click "here to read the rest of the article

"The government has allocated RM150 million for more than 300 nurseries which had turned into Permata centres nationwide to facilitate the Anak Permata Negara (Permata) programme.

Wife of the prime minister, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor, who is also chairman of the National Permata Policy Executive Committee, said among the nurseries involved were community nurseries, Terengganu Family Development Foundation nurseries, Unity nurseries and Community Development Department (Kemas) nurseries.

The question is because :

1. Rosmah is not in the government. Her husband is.

2. Rosmah is not a goverment staff.

3. Rosmah cannot made any decision for the government and cannot announced any decision yet to be implemented/announced by the government.

By announcing the allocation to the media and Malaysian, some of us will think :-

1. Rosmah know all government thingy. It is really broken Official Secret Act (OSA) that put in place to protect sensitive government information (such as defense, unrelease budget, procurement, and etc) from leaking.

2. If Rosmah can persuaded Najib to allocate 'some' money into her 'pet' project, then she can persuade Najib to allocate 'some' money for other things.

3. All speculation and rumour about that Malaysian heard about Rosmah are true.

4. Najib = Pak Lah where they consult their family about goverment matters. Really not nice considering government staff are forced to obey the rules.

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are_shie said...

mungkin kerana...di belakang lelaki yg berjaya ada wanita? hahaha... aku gurau jer.. tapi banyak kes gini apa skrg.. hihi.. :p