Danial and autism

It is quite a long time I didn't wrote about Danial's progress.

He is better nowadays although he quite slow in Mathematics and B.M. He quite talkative and like maps a lot. Kids like him like to play games but he like to go through the map. He like to use Google Maps. The games he like to play are Pokemon Go! and Angry Birds 2.

He can talk a lot nowadays although he made mistakes in pronouncing the words. But who didn't made mistake? All of us made a lot of mistakes every single day. Mistake make us learn something new. And made us wiser.

He remember things well too. He remember it with date. He remember when people scold him. He remember all birthdays. He remember his grandparents name. He even asked about his great-great grandparents name but I can't name them. Haha.

No, I do not send him to any special therapy. I even quit Occupational Therapy because I can't commit to a once a week session.  I cannot take all the credits. Most of the credits I think belongs to the teachers. The teachers at the PPKI and also the after school daycare cum religious school. Also my beloved wife because she teach Danial how to talk. They do most of the jobs and I just continue from there.

But Danial has a long way to go. There is still a long road ahead.

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